Together with Capo Plaza and Warner Music Italy for the launch on Fortnite of the creative island dedicated to the new album "Ferite"

April 4, 2024

Capo Plaza, one of the prominent figures in the international rap scene, partners with Mkers, a leading Esports & Gaming company in Italy, to create an unprecedented experience in the Italian music and gaming landscape: a creative island on Fortnite entirely dedicated to his new album "Ferite."

Following the trend of virtual concerts held on Fortnite by international artists like Eminem, Ariana Grande, and Travis Scott, Capo Plaza becomes the first Italian artist in the history of gaming to not only host a concert but also to create a fully customized island.

Capo Plaza's creative island will not just be a map but an interactive journey through his new album set to release on May 3rd. Players will have the opportunity to explore tracks in advance, immersing themselves in engaging gameplay and exciting challenges. The experience will culminate in an epic final concert on the island, where fans can experience the magic of Capo Plaza's music in an unprecedented virtual environment.

An unmissable event for gaming and music enthusiasts alike who can enjoy the adventure for a limited time.

"We shared with the artist the vision of gaming as a language of communication for the new generations," says Thomas De Gasperi, President of Mkers Spa, adding: "The innovative and groundbreaking experience transports players on an exciting interactive journey, allowing them to immerse themselves in Capo Plaza's musical universe."

A series of unique and innovative initiatives will be realized to celebrate the launch of the creative island, starting with an exclusive preview corner at the Mkers booth at Romics from April 4th to 7th.

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