Mkers and Ernia: Successful Social Campaign for Philips One Blade

June 22, 2023

Ernia, a well-known Italian rapper and influencer, is the new ambassador of Philips One Blade thanks to a social campaign created with the aim of promoting the new Philips OneBlade 360 electric shaver, built together and aimed at the FIFA community and football fans.

The campaign actively involved the public through various challenges and stories on Instagram, TikTok and YouTube, in which the Milanese rapper encouraged users to share their experiences with the product, showing the before and after of using the device and highlighting its benefits.

This direct approach generated great participation and a strong connection with the audience, who felt inspired to try the product, creating an emotional bond with the brand.

The social campaign with Ernia for Philips One Blade demonstrated the power of innovative social media advertising partnerships when targeting a loyal community like ours. Thanks to authentic and engaging content that reached millions of people, a strong interest in the product was created.

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