Mkers e Randstad renew their partnership for 2024: an exciting collaboration continues

February 7, 2024

Mkers and Randstad Italy are enthusiastically celebrating the renewal of their partnership, which has been going on successfully for two years, between collaborative activities and innovation. The third year together promises to be even more ambitious, consolidating an already established bond in the dynamic world of esports and gaming. Randstad Italia confirms its trust as the official jersey sponsor of the new Rainbow Six team, which, on the strength of last year's worldwide results, is currently active on international circuits such as the Malta Cyber Series and the South Breach Open Qualifier.

The synergy between gaming and technology is further strengthened with participation in major gaming events in Italy, combining gaming and innovation in a unique experience capable of generating leads on target with the needs of Randstad Technologies, the specialized division dedicated entirely to the entire world of information technology. One of the new features of this year's partnership is the introduction of a women's academy, dedicated exclusively to female professionals. An initiative that aims to include an increasing number of girls in the video game world, promoting diversity and female representation in this environment.

The desire is to make the e-sports industry increasingly challenging and inclusive, with a more equitable and diverse gaming community. "Thanks to the synergy with Mkers, Randstad continues to be present and to invest in the esports scene, a sector that continues to grow, with a strong focus on the issue of training and the growth of talents' skills," says Marco Napoli, Head of Randstad Technologies.

"Individual development and the acquisition of professional skills are indispensable in gaming as in any work sector. I therefore emphasize our commitment to involve more and more people in training activities and to meet as many talents as possible in the events organized in collaboration with Mkers. These initiatives aim to build a bridge between the gaming world and professional opportunities in the IT sector, and allow us to support young and growing talent."

"Training remains at the heart of the synergy between Mkers and Randstad," comments Thomas de Gasperi, President of Mkers S.p.A., "with the introduction of new master classes and workshops focused on the use of gaming as an innovative language, capable of facilitating the learning of new skills." The partnership is a solid bond that goes far beyond sponsorship; it is a collaboration based on mutual trust and the common goal of excellence.

With the renewal for another year, Mkers and Randstad Italia are committed to generating positive social impact by pursuing projects geared toward inclusivity and innovation both in the workplace and in the dynamic world of esports. 2024 promises to be a year full of initiatives and innovations, with the hackathon among the first activities planned to discover new technological opportunities. Mkers' roster will include players as Luigi "Gemini" Ferrigno, Dario "Reaz" Pedrini, Byron "Blur" Murray, Alexandre "Blaz" Thomas, and Persic "Melo" Leon. The team, whose official jersey we present today, is ready to face the new international esports scene: first stage Major Qualifier.

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