Mkers and Romulea together to empower Education in Sport and Gaming

November 2, 2023

Società Sportiva Romulea, a historic Roman football club founded in 1922, and Mkers S.p.A., the first Joint Stock Company in the Esport & Gaming sector in Italy, are pleased to announce an innovative collaboration that combines the world of traditional sport with the growing sector of Esport.

As part of this collaboration, Mkers will be the jersey sponsor of the Romulea under-14 team, contributing to the support and development of young talents in football. This partnership represents an important step in the promotion of sport and Esport as tools for the education and development of young people, underlining the complementarity of the two sectors.

In addition, Romulea and Mkers will jointly launch an innovative course called "Gaming Lab". This course will offer young people the opportunity to share their passion for videogames, in the context of sporting values and especially without neglecting the importance of the connected social impact. "Gaming Lab" is designed to promote the personal growth and inclusiveness of participants, as well as to provide a solid training in gaming.

The atmosphere of the Romulea Gaming Room, a modern LAN room equipped with the latest Playstation 5 console and with all the necessary equipment for students, will be the epicenter of the "Gaming Lab" project.

Daniele "Prinsipe" Paolucci, historical FIFA proplayer of Mkers and among the most experienced internationally, will be the coach and ambassador of the initiative. His participation will offer students a unique opportunity to learn from the stars of Esport and get a unique perspective on the competitive world of video games.

This collaboration between Romulea and Mkers is part of a broader strategy of integrating youth football and Esport implemented by Mkers to promote the education and growth of young people through common passions.

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