A Game-Changing Day for Mkers: the launch of the 'Mkers Fam' and an Advanced Creator Dashboard

October 25, 2023

Mkers announces the launch of the "Mkers Fam", a network of content creators across all social channels, which aggregates an audience of over 10 million followers. This initiative follows the international models of crew management belonging to the most important talent management companies.

Simultaneously to the birth of the Mkers Fam, Mkers introduces a Dashboard dedicated to the management of the network of content creators. This platform will give creators the opportunity to manage their relationships with Mkers more efficiently, allowing them to access exclusive benefits and monitor their Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in real time. In addition, creators will explore opportunities for business collaboration and sponsorship, opening the door to a world of opportunities in the digital entertainment industry.

The Dashboard will also allow Advertising Media Centre and Sponsors Partners of Mkers to plan influencer marketing campaigns filtering creators and their channels based on on features aligned with the brand and product values.

Maurizio Quintavalle, Marketing Director of Mkers, shares his vision: "Mkers Fam is a fundamental asset for us, a true cross-media channel that enhance micro influencers in our industry, focusing on a reduction of overlap and dispersion. A system that guarantees a better quality and verticality of content, which are two determining factors for the improvement of the KPIs of reference in a context often damaged by languages that are not safe for brand investors".

On the occasion of the launch of the Dashboard, Mkers launched a recruitment campaign for the entry of new Talent in the "Mkers Fam". This campaign is open to all talent, regardless of numbers, giving anyone with talent and passion the chance to apply. Even those starting almost from scratch will have the chance to join our vibrant content creators community. To apply click this link

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