Inside the Mkers Gaming House: An immersion into the world of eSports

June 22, 2023

In the centre of Rome, a stone's throw from Circus Maximus, is the Mkers Gaming House Powered By Mercedes-Benz, a unique space where experts provide personalised advice to our team members, helping them to overcome mental obstacles, improve their gaming strategy and maintain a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

The cosy and comfortable atmosphere inside the Gaming House is indicative of our commitment and the care we constantly put into the upkeep of all environments, to make our players' experience the best it can be.
The facility consists of training areas, a sleeping room with bunk beds, an industrial-style lounge and a large kitchen where players can relax and socialise.
We care a lot about creating an environment that fosters bonds within the team, cohesion and mutual support.
To complete the experience tour, the professional driving simulator powered by Mercedes-Benz and the veranda with the small tropical garden.

The Gaming House has also been designed to host events open to the public, aimed at promoting interest in the industry and bringing fans into direct contact with the players, to fully experience the atmosphere of the esport world.

Mkers SpA
Via Giovanni da Castel Bolognese, 89
Rome, Italy
P. IVA 14209181008