The exponential growth of Mkers: a success driven by revenues

June 15, 2023

Mkers Spa has experienced remarkable growth in terms of revenue in recent years. Founded in 2019, the company has quickly built a reputation within the esports landscape, positioning itself as one of the most promising companies.  

A key factor contributing to Mkers Spa's revenue growth has been the explosion of the esports industry in recent years, which is gaining more and more popularity.

The company ended 2022 with a very good result in terms of revenue, up 80% compared to 2021, and a positive EBITDA at 10.18%. The good financial trend can be attributed to the constant commitment with which the Mkers team operates in the market and the important partnerships it has built with well-known brands.

Mercedes-Benz, Philips OneBlade, Randstad, Inter FC, are just some of the prestigious partners with whom Mkers continues to build strong relationships over time, developing cutting-edge solutions to reach an ever-wider audience.

Mkers SpA
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