At the Foro Italico in Rome, the event that unites athletes and gaming enthusiasts

June 11, 2023

The "World Taekwondo Grand Prix" opens its doors at the Foro Italico Park from 9 to 11 June 2023.

One of the most important competitions at the international level, starting with the Demo Team exhibition in Piazza di Spagna, this year will be renewed thanks to the partnership between Mkers S.p.A., the first Italian company in the sector between interconnected traditional sports and esports, i.e. video games at competitive level, and the Italian Taekwondo Federation (FITA).

This is a big step forward for fans, aimed at enhancing the constant users of the platforms, and the recognition of the strong cultural impact of gaming. Mkers and FITA are aware that they are dealing with a huge audience of fans and starting an innovative project for all taekwondo and Esports fans. A taekwondo village will also be organised, which will be the setting for the sports event that has become an unmissable appointment for fans and those approaching the world of taekwondo with curiosity for the first time.

The catalysing event will be the gaming area called 'Gaming Dojang', where the stand will offer the opportunity to entertain oneself with fighting games, virtual reality stations, driving simulators and much more. In addition, there will be a meeting with Content Creators, during which you will be able to interact with the entire gaming network of more than 40 talents. The main objective: to explore the multiple opportunities offered within the digital games ecosystem, and to engage taekwondo fans, athletes, gamers and the community at large using gaming as a tool for interaction.

The event will see the top 32 ranked athletes in each Olympic category compete, in search of those decisive points for qualification for the next Olympic Games in Paris 2024.

Among the athletes summoned by the technical director, Claudio Nolano, stands out the name of Simone Alessio, fresh world champion at the Baku World Championships and the first Italian athlete in history to win the gold medal at a Grand Prix, last year, who will compete as number one in the ranking in the -80 kg category.

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